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We have a solid pool of qualified, native Spanish-speaking teaching staff at our Spanish school. Our teachers teachers are committed to excellence and offer a progressive curriculum to engage and enrich students of all levels, providing an exceptional and solid learning experience.

From left to right: Maura, Maria, Ana, Edurne, & Charo.

Ana Martin Castaño, Coordinator: Ana Martin finished her Degree in English Studies in Salamanca and took post-graduate Spanish Studies in Gijón, Asturias, her hometown. She has over 18 years of experience as a translator and a teacher of both children and adults while living in Madrid for 8 years and in Vancouver since 2010. Prior to becoming School Coordinator, Ana was a teacher in our school for 5 years.

Maria Barrios: Maria was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. She has a Primary Education Degree focused on teaching Spanish and French as a Foreign Language. Her enthusiasm for travelling and learning languages gave her the opportunity to travel to several countries to teach Spanish and Latin traditions. Maria moved to Canada recently where she started working as a nanny and teaching Spanish to the children under her care. Also, she has been privately teaching Spanish in the Vancouver area. She is currently teaching ages 7 to 9 in our school.

Maura Camino: Originally from Mexico, Maura holds a degree in Social Anthropology and History and a Master of Arts in Social Development Management. She has also been trained as a promoter of literacy and reading and has a certificate for Teaching Spanish as a Second Language using methodologies that utilize arts, music and storytelling for the development of second language acquisition. She has worked as a Spanish language teacher, tutor, and workshop facilitator in both Palo Alto, California and Vancouver. She is currently teaching the advanced levels of our youngest group (ages 4 to 6).

Charo Garcia: Charo earned her degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary School teaching in her hometown Madrid, Spain. With over 12 years of teaching experience, Charo worked for several schools around Madrid teaching preschool and elementary school aged students. Charo moved to Canada in 2013 where she started working as a nanny and teaching Spanish to the children under her care. Charo is currently teaching our youngest (ages 4 to 6) beginners and intermediate levels.

Edurne Lopez de Arbina Sáez: Edurne holds degrees in Psychology and Primary School teaching, both from the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian. Born in a small village in northern Spain, her curiosity has taken her to live and work in different countries. She has six years of experience as a teacher in different cultural backgrounds. After implementing an educational project for children in Ecuador in 2011 she moved to Toronto where she started working as a Spanish teacher in our sister school there. She currently lives in Vancouver and has been working for the school since 2013.