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PSLA would like to express its most sincere appreciation to all of our donors:
  1. Sydney, Susan and Simon Armstrong: books
  2. Manuel, Samir y Ana de Pablos: books
  3. Daniel, Sophia y Paola Fairey: books
  4. Julia, Margaret and Mark Fatica: books
  5. Mia, Nerea and Andres Gine: books
  6. Andrea, Ana and Ingmar: books and DVDs
  7. Ana Martin: books, school retractable banner
  8. Gabriel, Verónica y Marcelo Mora: wrapping paper from Lush
  9. Cristian, Daniel and Herika Mosquera: books
  10. Carlos, Azita and Ariana Obregon: books
  11. Optimil Machinery: $200 (
  12. Alexandro and Eva Rodriguez: books
  13. Ewan, Alejandro, Pablo and Melissa Romero McLaws: books
  14. Alan, Eric and Esther Rosillo: books, toy kitchen and games (to mention a few)
  15. Marina, Adriana, Maite and Oliver Schulte: books
  16. Sophia, Asun and David Schur: Business cards, school poster, coffee, sugar and coffee mate
  17. Benjamin, Malcolm, Ana Sofia, Amara and Marc Simpson: books, coffee-maker, school poster (to mention a few)
  18. Ciela, Allegra and Michelle Sutter: books
  19. Vicki  Szivos: books (
  20. World Kids Books (
Friends of the PSLA

Photo: Cristina Palomares