Board Members 2016-2017_old



rocioRocio Garcia, President: 
Rocio Garcia, originally from Venezuela, is the current president of PSLA and the proud mom of two. Rocio graduated as an engineer in Venezuela and received a Masters degree at UBC. While computers are her passion, Rocio also loves to cook, sew and do arts and crafts. Rocio is passionate about promoting the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

castorCastor Fernandez, Vice President:
Castor is an artist (painter and sculptor) recognised in Montreal and now also in Vancouver. Apart from his artistic projects, he also works in administration and as a teacher. Castor was born in Bordeaux, France, spent his childhood in Galicia, Spain, and has also lived many years in Canada. He speaks five languages and has two children.

compressed_6686Amara García, Treasurer:
Amara is passionate about the Spanish language and culture. As a mother of 3, Amara has been bringing her children to Spanish class since 2010.

lisaLisa Kelso, Secretary:
Lisa is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She holds a degree in biology and speaks Finnish and, after having lived in Colombia for several years, Spanish.  Lisa’s two daughters are students of the PSLA School.

EstherEsther Rosillo Pascual, Director:
Esther is the link between the past Spanish School and the PSLA School. Esther established the Spanish School for the SEBC in 2009, where she held the position of School Coordinator in addition to teaching classes. She is also a mother of two boys who attend the Spanish classes. She hopes her experience can help improve the future of learning Spanish in Vancouver.