Learn Spanish With Us!



The Parents for Spanish Language Association (PSLA) is a not-for-profit association created by volunteer parents in the BC Lower Mainland who are passionate about promoting the Spanish language. We offer Spanish language classes to people of all ages and backgrounds with a special focus on children and youth. Our qualified native Spanish-speaking teachers are committed to excellence and offer a progressive curriculum to engage and enrich students of all levels, providing an exceptional learning experience.

We teach approximately 70 students per session with an average of 7 students per class.

  • Classes are held Saturdays at Britannia Community Centre located at 1661 Napier  Street  in Vancouver:


“Volunteering at PSLA has been a really great experience. The staff there were warm and friendly and they made me feel included and comfortable working with them. PSLA is excellent at teaching Spanish by basing the activities around fun and creativity. This enables children to learn at the same time they enjoy the process of learning which fostered the children’s desire to learn even more Spanish. I’m grateful for this experience and wish I stayed longer”
~Mar Bernadó, teacher volunteer (May, 2016)

“Being part of this community has been an invaluable experience. As a volunteer I had the opportunity to work with all the teachers in the school, each one of them made me feel very welcomed and part of a team, sharing all their knowledge and strategies to teach Spanish as a second language, but also asking about new ideas to improve their lessons. I can only say thank you for this lovely experience, I enjoyed every Saturday interacting with the children and their families.”
~Eileen Mills, teacher volunteer (November, 2015)

“The school has been important for my three children. Not only have they had the opportunity to learn Spanish with teachers – who I  highlight, have great enthusiasm and professionalism – but also to interact with children from other families interested in Spanish culture and language.”
~Lara Garcia Carton (September, 2015)

“My daughter really enjoys Saturday mornings in the Spanish School. She feels proud using her mother tongue with other people and she has a lot of fun listening wonderful stories and songs of our culture.”
~Nerea Aguiar (September, 2015)